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What does Euro 6 mean?

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is a limit set for the emissions of Heavy Duty vehicles.  It states maximum values for what is allowed to come out of the exhaust.

For health and air quality, the most important regulated emissions are:
- NOₓ (Oxides of Nitrogen)
- PM (Particulate Matter)

Also regulated are:
- HC (Hydrocarbons)
- CO (Carbon monoxide)
- NH₃ (Ammonia)

What’s different about Euro 6?

Euro 6 enforces a large reduction in pollutants:
- Over 99% reduction in Particulate Matter
- Over 97% reduction in NOₓ

What about CO₂?
- CO₂ is currently not included in any truck emissions standard as it is not a regulated emission.  It is however directly linked to fuel used; a 5% saving in fuel is a 5% reduction in CO₂.

What about Euro 7?
- Currently, nobody knows what Euro 7 will be, or when it will come.  It is very likely that it will include a CO₂ measurement for the first time.

How is Euro 6 achieved?

This standard is the most stringent so far and the most effective in reducing regulated emissions.  But, this has resulted in a number of potentially negative effects including increased diesel and AdBlue® consumption and higher maintenance costs.  And the initial cost for a Euro 6 vehicle will be higher than for an equivalent Euro 5 vehicle, but the difference will depend on the specification of the truck.
At Euro 4 and 5 the emission regulations could be met by choosing from the available technologies. 
To achieve Euro 6 a combination is required.  The diagram on the right lists the technologies, as well as the effects of using each system at Euro 6.

Download the available technologies

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