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Road Efficiency

We do everything. To ensure particularly low overall costs.

Low costs. Right from the outset and throughout the truck’s entire useful life. With innovative, fuel-saving technology, low repair and maintenance costs, high residual values and attractive leasing and financing conditions which also contribute to the vehicle’s efficiency.

Achieving low operating costs with a focus on reduced fuel consumption is the first pillar of RoadEfficiency - and a promise we have continued to keep over the years. For example as the first manufacturer to introduce the fuel-efficient Euro VI engines. Or with Predictive Powertrain Control*, a system which is capable of saving up to 5% more diesel. In short, innovative technology that has continued to set new standards.

* Optional equipment.
** Available for Actros, Arocs and Antos.
*** As at 06/2016.

The Actros continues to underline its leading role: in over 2000 Fuel Challenges it has won more than 90% – with a consumption advantage of around 10%***. But that’s not all: in future we will continue to work on lowering consumption – further reducing total costs in the process.

The Actros battling in the Fuel Duel. Which is the more economical drive?

Which is the more economical in everyday haulage operations? Mercedes-Benz was determined to find out – and has sent the Actros out hundreds of times to different haulage companies to do battle in “Fuel Duels” against the competition.

Predictive Powertrain Control.

Topography-oriented driving style.

Predictive Powertrain Control* uses digital 3D road maps and GPS information to generate an electronic horizon which is employed to optimise shift points, gear selection and the set cruise control speed in anticipatory mode. In this way, a driving style adapted to the given topography which will generally be beyond the capabilities even of experienced drivers can be integrated into the automated system, resulting in additional fuel savings of up to 5%.

Get the latest tips from the RoadStars professional trainer.

FleetBoard analysis.

The system helps promote a reduced-consumption, reduced-wear driving style. To this end, it records and analyses technical data from the truck. The driver’s style of driving is assessed on the basis of this data and a corresponding mark is awarded. This allows objective assessment and individual driver training. FleetBoard Performance Analysis* also ensures that the driver continues to adhere to the reduced-consumption driving style learned during Mercedes-Benz EcoTraining. This can result in long-term fuel savings of up to 15%.

First and only with Pedestrian Detection Technology.

The Safety Pack's attractive bundle of key options delivers savings of up to 30% compared to the cost of individual options. 

The pack includes:

  • ABA4
    Proximity Control Assist
    Drivers Airbag
    Roll Control Assist*
    *For rigids only.